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Rigid and elastomeric couplings

As a manufacturer of couplings for over a century, Dodge can offer a solution to every application need, regardless of whether an elastomeric or rigid design is required.

  • Grid-Lign coupling, the grid element is designed with high-strength spring steel to isolate vibration and absorb shock loads
  • D-flex coupling, featuring molded, non-lubricated, interchangeable elastomer sleeves, has a three-way flexing capability that allows it to withstand shock, vibration, and misalignment
  • Paraflex coupling, with industry-leading angular, parallel and axial misalignment capabilities. Flexible design provides torsional smoothness, critical for dampening vibration and absorbing shock loads
  • Raptor coupling, featuring an elastic element with patented WingLock natural rubber technology, reduces stiffness and improves absorption of vibration and misalignment. Maintenance-free, it comes in two halves for quick and easy installation.

To handle high misalignments

The Australian company Thompson Couplings owns a range of patented products for power transmission:

  • Maintenance-free TCAE coupling allows the design of the transmission to meet application requirements by accommodating up to 10° of misalignment; easy to install, requires no laser alignment and absorbs vibration while protecting both motor and shaft.
  • TCVJ coupling, a cardan joint, homokinetic and able to transmit motion between the drive shaft and the duct with a real one-to-one ratio between the shafts.

Free-maintenance couplings

Timken, with its recent investments in Lovejoy and R+L Hydraulics, offers a growing portfolio of power transmission products, including flexible and universal couplings that reduce short-torsional shock by storing some of that energy.

  • Spidex coupling, designed for high wear resistance and elasticity, allows compensation of radial and angular displacements of the two connected shafts
  • Dentex coupling, consisting of two congruent hubs with crown teeth and a polyamide sleeve, which compensates radial, angular and axial shaft displacements.
  • Quick Flex elastomeric coupling is easy to install and it’s maintenance free. The elastomer has a separable design and the hub teeth are front-facing. Running costs are minimized: the only replacement required is the insert, which can be replaced in minutes without removing the hubs.

Expert in gear couplings

A REGAL Group brand, Kopflex is an expert in gear couplings, flap discs and flexible diaphragm couplings for a wide range of demanding applications, including OIL&GAS (API standard).


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