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High performance industrial chains

IWIS is one of the world’s leading companies in its field and one of the largest European manufacturers of industrial chains. The range of brands reflects the different performance levels required to the transmission system, ensuring an optimal solution for each application.

Jwis, the group’s premium brand and top of the line for industrial chains: precision, high quality and the lowest elongation rates on the market. Jwis chains offer significantly longer service life and greater wear resistance.

  • patented SL – Super Long Life pins
  • couplings up to 1/6 of DIN standard
  • MEGAlife maintenance-free chains
  • b-dry maintenance-free stainless steel chains
  • Triton chains, with the corrosion protection of a stainless steel chain and the mechanical performance of a steel one
  • lFDA approved specific lubrications, semi-solid and for high/low temperatures
In conformity with iwis standards, Eurochain roller and transport chains have wear and fatigue resistance limits that far exceed the minimum requirements of DIN/ISO standards. Excellent value for money, guaranteeing high quality and performance across all industries. Large stock of straight plate chains for conveyor applications.
A synonym for reliability, availability and flexibility. The range includes industrial chains of various types, roller chains with attachments, with rubber elastomers, fleyer chains, large transport chains and for special applications with customized solutions.
The cost-effective brand of iwis roller and transport chains for lightweight applications.
Flat top chains and modular belts. Available in steel and plastic materials.
Developed directly by IWIS, the Iwis CLA lubrication system is designed to precisely distribute the correct amount of lubricant onto the chain, ensuring optimal lubrication and extending its life. The applicators, made of an innovative semi-solid porous material, guarantee high efficiency and very low lubricant waste. The pump, with a maximum pressure of 70 bar, offers a flow rate of up to 30m and the the simultaneous use of 16 applicators. Available both in Pulse-Controlled version for integration with PLC and Machine controllers, and in Time-Controlled version for stand-alone use.
Developed for predictive maintenance of production lines, the Iwis CCMs sensor is the first automatic monitoring system for measuring the elongation of roller chains. I/O Link protocol for direct communication to PLC and Machine Controllers and for instantaneous measurement of every single link of the chain. Provided with sensor for temperature measurement.

Modular plastic belts

System Plast brand is a global leader in high-quality plastic transport chains, modular plastic belts and transport components, which are all engineered to high standards of quality and performance. The NG-Evo materials used for moulding are specially engineered resins that provide real advantages over standard materials: the lower friction coefficient allows lubrication to be reduced or eliminated, the increased sliding properties result in lower energy consumption and operation at higher speeds, and greater wear resistance.

Cut-to-lenght chains and customized attacchments

Rima is able to provide a service of cut-to-length chains and customization of the attachments, ensuring extremely competitive delivery terms. Squared, straight or according to drawing, the attachments are realized on specific request of the customer.


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