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Innovative solutions for the maintenance of bearings and chains

Simatec, a Swiss family company operating internationally, develops innovative products for the maintenance of bearings and chains under the three brands Simalube, Simatherm and Simatool.
Simalube automatic lubricators are used worldwide in every industry, including for underwater applications. Available in 5 sizes and adjustable from 1 to 12 months, they are an economical and the best solution for continuous and optimal lubrication with grease or oil. Fully disposable, they can also be supplied empty for self-filling. They can be equipped with the Bluetooth connected IMPULSE booster to handle pressures up to 10 bar and lubrication lines up to 4m long.
Available for bearings of up to 1,200 kg, the Simatherm induction heaters provide even, fast, safe and efficient heating of ball bearings and other ring-shape metal components. Induction heating offers numerous advantages and replaces conventional heating methods, which often cause damage to the parts.
Simatool tools enable a quick and safe installation or removing of ball bearings and radial shaft seals, allowing to carry out any work more efficiently.


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