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Complete line of mounted bearings

A worldwide benchmark for over a century in the most critical industrial applications. Dodge has developed a complete line of mounted bearings with a wide selection of sealings, characterized by an easy installation:

  • with ball bearings, corrosion-resistant E-Z Kleen and Ultra Kleen, made from polymer and/or stainless steel
  • with spherical roller bearings ISN
  • with tapered roller bearings Type E-Xtra
  • Sleevoil RTL Hydrodynamic bearings for HVAC

Units can be provided with a Smart Sensor, a wireless sensor that allows performance analysis through vibration and temperature monitoring over time, guaranteeing a reduced maintenance.

Split roller bearings

Inventor of the split-to-the-shaft system, Cooper is the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of split cylindrical, tapered and spherical roller bearings. The bearing configuration allows for ease of service, inspection and disassembly even in inaccessible or trapped locations. The need to dismount associated equipment or other shaft-mounted components is eliminated, resulting in less maintenance downtime and increased productivity.

Series dedicated to different industrial fields

Timken offers a wide range of mounted bearings and housings, which differs for bearing types, sealing solutions, mounting options and housing styles.

  • UC Series Ball Bearing housed units with set crew, eccentric collar, adapter sleeve lockings
  • maintenance-free, stainless steel or polymer housed units with food-grade grease and stainless steel ball bearings for the food industry
  • SN-type bearing units
  • mounted bearings with steel housings, for severe applications, shocks and heavy loads

Solutions for HVAC

Available in a wide variety of housings and materials, SealMaster ball and tapered roller bearing mounted bearings are the optimal choice for high operating temperatures, HVAC and washdown applications.

Solutions for steel and paper industry

Heavy loads, major misalignments, polluted environments, shocks and vibrations all demand excellent mechanical qualities: Link-Belt offers a wide range of housed units designed for applications in the steel, paper, mining and heavy equipment industries.


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