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Rotary shaft seals

Incorporated into the SKF product portfolio in the 1990s and recently re-launched under the original brand name, CR seals include a wide range of rotary shaft seals made from the latest elastomeric materials. Steel reinforcement ensures ease of installation and proper positioning in the housing. A variety of designs are available, in metric or inch sizes.

Speedi-Sleeve anti-wear sleeves

Backed by the SKF brand, the world’s leading manufacturer, speedisleeve are thinwalled anti-wear sleeves that restore the shaft at the seal seat. They provide an optimal surface for the seal to slide on, without the need to disassemble the shaft or rework it, minimizing costly downtime.

Free-maintenance sealing systems

American-based company, Orion Engineered Seals specializes in the design and manufacture of sealing systems for bearings and rotating components. BPD is a maintenance-free, non-contact, wear-free seal. It is available in different designs depending on the application area and it can also be supplied in split form. It ensures the exclusion of contaminants and has a superior retention of lubricant – oil or grease – within the bearing, even in vertical applications. PSD, on the other hand, uses a pressurized fluid to achieve a perfect seal without shaft contact for applications where it is essential to avoid product leakage from the processing chamber.

Mechanical Face Seals

For over 60 years, Goetze has been manufacturing robust mechanical seals optimized for operating reliably in applications with challenging environmental conditions. The choice of the most suitable ring and elastomer materials ensures high wear resistance, complete corrosion protection, excellent lubricant and temperature resistance. Oil- or grease-lubricated and available in different designs, including special and tailor-made designs, Goetze seals are optimized for a wide range of applications.


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